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December 19, 2011

Hey fam!!!

well i dont have a whole lot of time but que me importa ill be talking to yall this weekend!!! alright so last week was kind of crazy but really good at the same time.. here goes my list and email...so last tues my comp and i made christmas cards.. they are really cool and today im going to send them out to yall.. they wont get their until after new years but yeah.. when yall get them though please tell me.. jorge and his fam are doing good.. they read in the bom and saw the joseph smith movie with us.. they liked it a lot.. rhwy arill have some doubts though and they need to keep reading to find out the truth.. we also had a lesson with them and we were super direct.. haha it was awesome and he said twice why do we talk about joseph smith so much? i told him i already answered that question if you really want to know go to church!! haha i love the mission but i get sick of people being dumb.. we also had a lesson with a fetzer kid that same day and he was saying like all the other guats do well all the churches are good and their is only one God... i said look buddy.. haha not like that but one of us is wrong.. you are or we are.. not all the churches are christ church.. just ours is and we do the things like Christ himself taught and He directs this church by a prophet today.. on weds and thurs.. we were in district conferences.. they were good and me and my comp talked about planning.. it was really good and fun to teach about how to plan efficiently.. i prayed to know what scripts to share and Heavenly Father answered me fast and i shared alma 37 37 and dc 8 2... the alma one though i changed the words so that it talked about planning and doing it with the Lord and how if we do that He will guide us in our work.. it was cool and everybody liked it.. anyway pres also talked about us and our team here in the mision.. it was really cool and he talked about bball and how our team is our comp, the Holy Ghost, the members, and the leaders.. also this week we had a good lesson with a less active.. we answered her ?s at first and then before we were about to leave i asked here for a reference.. i didnt plan on doing that though but the spirt told me twice too so i did.. she ended up telling us about her freind she wants us to visit that was going to abort her baby.. she starting crying and said she needed our number and the bishops and how she didnt sleep the night before cause she didnt know if she should tell the girls parents or what.. anyway it was really good to follow the spirit and help her out and hopefully shes doing a lot better now.. the pastorela or christmas activity we did was fun.. maybe not the most effective missionary tool but it was fun and a good experience.. we performed the signs of christs coming here in the americas infront of about 200 people.. there are the pics along with some with the fam villalobos too.. they are doing well they were all in church yesterday!! it was awesome and they liked it alot.. we had the primary program then talked about sabbath day then plan of salvation.. it was great.. other then that we had 3 other investigators there.. it was awesome!! we plan on putting baptismal dates with the villalobos this week.. also we put anther one for the 7th of jan for a 9 year old kid who is becoming active again.. anyway umm im outta of time but we had an awesome lesson with villalobos this week about the plan of salvation.. they understood it perfectly.. well i gott go.. i know this church is true and remember the true meaning of christmas and love yall!

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December 12, 2011

dear fam,

well here goes my list for the week.. im going to do the email in two parts because i have 40 min left so yall can respond fast and ill write back and also because i have a lot of pictures this week to send... alright so the meeting last tues was good.. we talked about a lot of things but my favorite part was a talk an elder gave about working and focusing on the basics.. it was really cool because he talked about how we need to do the small and simple things of misionary work before we branch out to the harder and less important or less used things.. he compared it to basketball and how we need to learn how to play in the paint before we go out and shoot threes.. it was legit.. anyway we got a thanksgiving dinner that was amazing!! turkeky gravey potatoes rolls pineapple.. mmmm it was good and another one of the best meals ive had in guat..we also wrapped presents there and then that night we got back to our house from the cap at 1130 it was a loong day!!! something cool that happened though was after we left a thought came to my mind that i needed to pray and ask God to protect.. then we had a pit stop at a gas station and about 10 min before we passed by a bridge an accident at happened.. i thanked Heavenly Father that night for protecting us.. the power of prayer really is amazing.. and also that same day at like 3 o clock in the morning i woke up with bad acid reflux that i usually dont get.. i was on a top bunk though and didnt want to wake anybody up by moving or going to ask somebody for medicine.. so i said a little prayer and within 15 min it had pretty much gone away and i was able to sleep just fine.. prayer is something so simple but so powerful at the same time.. and if we really need something and want to see Gods hand more in our lives we just need to pray to Him more often and always trust in Him.. we contacted jorge and his fam this week.. they look pretty promising.. they have a lot of questions and they said they want to know the truth.. we left them a book of mormon and if they read it tomorrow we are going to watch a movie with them.. well the testaments.. so that should be really good and the churchs movies are amazing and a very good tool to use with investigators.. anyway so that was exciting and the only thing is that they arent married but i was kind of used to hearing that after being here for 22 months!! alright ill continue on the next email..

alright so the fam villalobos is doing well too.. last night we were in divisions so my comp visited them with a kid.. they had a good lesson though and the mom says she is going to keep going to our church because she likes it and feels the spirit.. the dad and the daughter are still reading a little bit.. and the daughter is considering changing her schedule for next school year.. so keep praying for them... and we are still working really hard with them and we are going to try and put the baptismal date this wek if we can.. so yesterday we didnt have any investigators in church because it was the queztaltenango temple dedication so that was viewed in every chapel in guat.. it was really good though and i definitely felt the spirit with all the talks.. and i really grow to know more and more that the temple is really the house of the Lord and a piece of heaven here on the earth..pres uctdorf dedicated it.. it was really cool and the temple looks beautiful and we got some cool handkerchiefs with the temple embroidered in it as a keepsake..also a prophet or leader said that there will be one more temple here in guat and it will be here in COBAN.. obvioulsy not right now but probably in 20 or 30 years.. but si dios me da la vida or if im a live and can i will come down here for that!! so this week was good.. we just had a lot of appts fall and so it was just an okay week nothing to spectacular.. something funny though was that my comp told me my brain was like an index.. cause i know almost all of the hymns and the pages were they are.. it made me remember how i knew all of jennifers bball teams names and numbers.. i also realized i can put my brain to better use in memorizing things.. anway today was a lot of fun.. we went down about 2 hours to salama and had our christmas conference.. we were with orphanage kids for about 1 hour and a half and that was a lot of fun.. we played with them.. sang christmas songs with them and gave them a bag of goodies as mom would say.. lol but it was really fun to make their day and there are the pics.. then we ate and watched a DISNEY MOVIE!! it was awesome and really a sweet gift.. we saw entangled.. it was really good and a funny movie.. then we had a spiritual part and closed.. then we came back to coban and got here a little after six.. so yeah it was a really fun day but im super tired.. this week will be crazy with district conferences with pres and the aps and then the pastorela (a christmas activity that goes on in coban every year that we will be participating in.. ill write more next week and send pics.. itll be really cool thats on friday and we get to dress up like the people here in the americas when Christ was born..) and yeah thats about it.. i love yall and always keep in mind the real meaning of Christmas and not just His birth but His whole life.. i love yall a ton and take care!! write me next week please.. and mom i want yall to call me at 2 o clock on the twenty fifth.. ill give you the number and code next week.. who all is going to be in the house with yall this year? anyway love yall and let me know whats up..

elder hatch

December 5, 2011


well this week i dont have a whole lot of time to write but here it goes.. im in the cap again because tomorrow we have our meeting with pres and we are going to have a thanksgiving dinner lunch!!! wooooo.. alright there are my pics too... the last one is us on the bus today headed down here from coban.. alright here goes the list... umm last monday night we had a really fun and spritual family home evening.. i read a little story about tools and how we all have different functions but we all play an important rold in the masters (carpinters) or Jesus´ hands.. i also talked about family unity and then we played a game and everyone had 5 min to draw a pic then present it to the group about something good that their family members do.. it was fun and the family liked it a lot and many of them were in church yesterday!!! last tuesday morning at 4 we were woken up to the phone ringing.. i answered it and it was a guy whose wife was sick and needed a blessing.. so we woke up called the ward secretary and we went to give her a blessing.. it was really neat and even though i was half a sleep i gave the blessing.. it was a neat experience and really showed me we as preisthood holders need to be ready to serve and bless others at any hour of the day!!! we then took here to the emergency room where they gave her some pills and treated her.. as we were there at 445 the power went out all over coban and alta verapaz.. so then we went home and went back to bed.. woke up and contacted a reference.. then went to check and make sure a house was safe where our missionaries had seen a guy outside of their house late at night.. then we worked and were going to help put up a fence when my comp stepped on a nail that went through his sole and into his foot.. from there we went to the doctor and he told us to rest the rest of the day.. haha then we went home and sat in the dark with candles from about 5 to 9 until the light came back on.. we have an electric stove so we ordered dominoes pizza because they have a reserver generator.. anyway it was a super crazy day if yall can imagine.. that was just tuesday!! the villalobos are doing well.. the mom went to the devotional last night and the dad went to church.. also the daughter is still reading and wanting to get on the correct path!! so we are still really exciting about them and we need to teach them about the sabbath day so the daughter doesnt keep studying next year on sundays.. itll be interesting this week though because of the temple dedication so we have to tell our investigators not to go to church.. haha thatll be a change.. we visited the fam tercero about everyday last week.. and as yall can see he was baptized yesterday before church.. it was really good to have all his family there and we decided that itd be cool for his primary teacher to baptize him who is a future missionary.. anyway they are doing really good and still changing and growing a lot spiritually.. brandon though was scared of the water though and had to be put under 3 times until he was completely submerged.. haha the poor kid..on thursday we moved two house.. it was a zone effort and took about 3 hours.. our house now though looks like a storage unit though and we needed to get some of the tables out and some of the 13 beds we have in there! it was fun going to carcha again though and seeing people.. also last week we got a reference of a guy who is really ready to learn and change.. his name is jorge and he has been an alcoholic for a long time but has gone 4 months without drinking now.. he understands the word of wisdom and also asked us why there are sooo many churches in this world.. we are excited to teach him this week and see where things go with him and his family..please remember him and his fam and the fam villalobos in yalls prayers.. i took an nap during lunch hour on thurs and was woken up by my bed shaking because there was a tremble.. it was cool to have felt one without being in an actual earthquake.. sunday was good and a lot people came and shared their testimonies.. umm the old guy i told yall about who danced in the street and acted like he was getting baptized walked in at the end of sacrament meeting with his boots on and walked in the door and took off his hat and yelled buenos dias.. haha if only yall knew how church was here in guat.. haha also the christmas devotional was really good even though i couldnt watch it in english and hear the real voces of the first presidency.. and yeah this week was good but busy.. next week ill write yall on tues.. love yall and take care.. my time is up but yall are always in my prayers!!!


elder hatch!!

December 26, 2011

dear fam!!

hey we went to semuc champey again today and im super tired.. well i have a lot of pics to send but not enough time to explain them all.. the first fam is the fam villalobos and the next one is the fam estupe that we found this week.. alright.. last monday we had a family home evening with parts of three active families then dalia and her siblings.. it was good and we watched joy to the world.. it was really good and she is progressing well but didnt come to church on sunday because of the craziness that is christmas down here in guat and central america.. tues then was good.. we visited jaime and the fam herrera pacay they arent doing really well.. the dad is drinking and the mom cant decide whether to seperate from him or stay together.. its a sad situation.. alcohol is terrible and a really family destroying and frustrating problem that many people have down here and in the whole world.. the fam villalobos liked church alot last sunday but now they are going to be out of town till the 10 of jan.. that stinks and hopefully im here next change to see them get baptized if they make that decision.. anyway they are good though and still need prayers.. suzy the daughter though said shed drop studying if she can do it here in coban during the week.. so hopefully they offer the same classes here.. umm we had distict meetings on weds and we made hot chocolate and gave everybody bread.. everyone liked it and felt appreciated so that was good.. our zone is doing really well and we are united and everybody is being obedient and working hard.. umm we recieved 5 references so that was good and a new fam..they are the fam estupe.. they are realy interested and are going to come to church this sunday and they already have people fellowshipping them.. we are really excited for them but.. news flash.. they arent married.. stupid guats and he needs a divorce... its way more likely that im married before he even gets his divorce!! haha we had our ward christmas act and that was good.. we gave the spirtitual thought.. it was good and we had 15 investigators there.. if only we gave out chicken and rice and salad and pineapple cider during sacrament meeting but it was good to have them out there and in the church.. haha one of our investigators tried to dance with me to the marimba music.. haha it was scary and i was like no no no!! thurs was good we did divisions and i did a baptismal interview.. friday too was good and we had a lot of lessons with members.. they realy are starting to support us more which is exciting and really the key to success... washinton too is doing good.. his mom is excited and we are helping him out a lot and he learning fast.. he is a smart kid and it fun and funny to teach kids and hear their responses and viewpoints on things.. umm also something else cool.. jesenia and jonathon from carcha.. invest. that i found got baptized yesterday!! whooohooo.. that was awesome to hear.. anyway im going to send one more email with some pics of the tamales i ate.. and yeah!!....

choclate tamale with a pepper in it.. raisin and thing of chicken.. mmm rico.. hahaa then other food i ate on sat and sund.. then we went to semuc again today the cool green blue water place.. and we say and heard howler monkeys.. it was legit.. it was one of the things i wanted to see in guat and i finally did!!!! woohoo!!

haha love yall have a great week and a safe new year.. go forward with faith with yall head up!

elder hatch